Redirection brings rebirth


Trails of a Traveler has lain dormant for the last year. But, now is the time for its resurrection. With its return readers will notice some changes. And hopefully, they will find it for the better.

In the past Trails of a Traveler has simply featured travel articles. The new blog will not only share travel articles but articles on other topics of interest to the editorial/writing/photography staff. Readers will soon be able to read about latest trends in renewable energy, organic gardening, nature, DIY, history, travel and more. There may even be an occasional fiction pieces, photo collages or thoughtful moments. Also new will be an opinion column titled “Last Butt Knot Leased,” a column I introduced when I left Sauk Prairie STAR.

Why the change? Because the trail of every traveler takes them to many more places than just vacation destinations. The world doesn’t come knocking on your door. You have to go looking for it and in looking for it you find what interests you.

Since retiring six months ago, I haven’t done much writing. I am ready to get back to writing, and, without a publishing outlet at the newspaper anymore, my first choice to publish them is Trails of a Traveler.

I am still doing some traveling, which I will continue to write about. And I may republish some of the stories written for Sauk Prairie STAR. But I will also write new stuff. It will be fresh stuff, informative stuff, and most of all stuff that I am interested in and hopefully so are my readers. I plan to post more often than before as well.

I hope my readership will grow and that readers will find the new direction to their liking. I will take suggests as to story topics, without guarantees, of course.

One thing I do ask of my readers is to tell everyone they know to check out the site. The site will remain free to readers as long as I can keep it going but in order to cover costs associated with writing, I need to find advertisers. Advertising rates are based on the number of readers, so the more the merrier. I’m counting on everyone to help me out. It’s simple, just get friends and relatives to go to the site and like it. Tell them to do the same with their friends and relatives. If everyone helps out the writing can continue.

Send comments, suggestions and opinions via email:

Thank you all! It’s good to get back to what I love.

Michael J. Carignan

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