Last butt knot leased: Stand up to the bully

By Michael Carignan

A couple of years ago, when I was still working for the newspaper, a young high school girl in Sauk Prairie took her life. It seems someone who knew her was constantly bullying her. The bully successfully convinced the girl she was not wanted in this world. Unfortunately, before getting help, she gave in.

The parents were devastated. He friends were also. Her softball team missed her terribly. The entire community felt the loss of this beautiful, vibrant young lady who had been destroyed by a bully.

The community launched a campaign to address the problem of bullying and try to stop its horrible effects from ever taking away any other community members.

Bullying is a terrible thing that never produces good results. The bully may think it’s fun and they have the upper hand if they find someone to prey on. The one being bullied, though, can laugh it off for only so long before it starts to get to them.

Fast forward to six months ago as our country was heading into the presidential primary season. As the multitude of Republican candidates lined up to vie for their party’s endorsement, one candidate used bullying as his main campaign tactics. He called his opponents stupid. He called them ugly. He belittled them on race and gender. He called them liars but would not be forthcoming with details about his own business practices.

The American people, instead of standing against this bully, bought into his bullying. One by one his opposition left the presidential race. At the Republican National Convention this bully was selected as the candidate to represent the party.

What a sad day.

Now he continues his campaign of bullying without seriously addressing the problems at hand. He would rather blame the world’s problems on his opponent than be addressing those problems.

Last fall, Great Britain’s parliament passed a law banning this man from ever laying foot in their country because of his practices. His answer to Great Britain is to threaten to drop our alliance with them and take up an alliance with some other countries such as Russia. Can we afford to wait until after this bully has made enemies of all of our allies before we stand up to him?

We have one opportunity to do just that. It’s the November presidential election. Tell this bully there is no place for him in a nation that is the greatest in the world.

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